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Start the New Year Right!

Let this be the year you resolve to make small healthy changes.   Creating healthy habits takes some time.  Think about what you want to change in your diet to become healthier.  Once you have a goal, don’t look back.  Keep moving toward that goal every day!  Here are a few suggestions, but you know what’s best for you.  When you master one goal, make another one and work toward it.  Sometimes small changes can make the biggest difference! 

  • Eliminate sugar sweetened drinks from your diet.  Regular sodas, sweet tea, fruit punch, and even juices can add hundreds of calories to your diet each day.  Replace them with water and lemon or lime slices, or add just a splash of juice to water to give it a different flavor.  If you eliminate one can of regular soda every day for a year, you could lose up to 16 pounds. 
  • Watch your portion sizes.   Most of us don’t know what a portion size is for many foods.  If you cut back on portion sizes every day by just 250 calories, you could lose up to 26 pounds.  Try to leave a little food on your plate at every meal.
  • Increase your fruits and vegetables.   Try to eat half of your plate as vegetables.  They will help you stay full, while providing good nutritional value to your diet.  Fruits are great to eat as a dessert or snack.   See how many different colors of fruits and vegetables you can eat every day.
  • Try eating one vegetarian meal every week.  Studies show that a plant based diet may even help reverse heart disease in some people.  Make one meatless meal each week and work toward eating a more plant based diet.  Your heart will thank you! 
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