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Surgical Services

What to expect when having outpatient surgery at EMH...

The following information is designed to provide you, your family and friends with an overview of the outpatient surgical process and an estimated time frame for your visit.  The entire process consists of seven steps totaling about six hours, depending upon the procedure. 

The Seven Steps

  1. Pre-surgery Activities
  2. Family Waiting Area
  3. Surgery
  4. Speaking with the Doctor
  5. Post-surgery Recovery
  6. Joining Your Family Member
  7. Departing EMH

Step 1:  Pre-surgery Activities

When you arrive at the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC), registration is completed.  The patient may then be accompanied to his/her room.  Expect to be in the ACC area up to three hours before the patient can be transferred to the surgical area.  During this time, the nurses will complete any necessary pre-operative procedures.

Step 2: Family Waiting area

When the patient has been transferred to the Pre-anesthesia Holding Room (located just outside the operating rooms), family will be asked to wait in the 2nd floor ACC lobby.  A pager will have been provided to help with staff efforts to keep you informed.  If your pager goes off, please report to the Host/Hostess Desk. (Pagers do not have range outside EMH.)

Step 3: Surgery

During the surgical period, family may expect to wait up to 2 hours; unless informed differently based on the nature of the procedure.

If at any time you have questions, please have the ACC Host/Hostess contact the Nurse Patient Liaison who can provide an update on surgery progress.

You are invited to visit our cafe, gift shoppe or cafeteria at this time.  Be sure to notify the Host/Hostess of your destination if you leave the 2nd Floor Lobby.

Step 4: Speaking with the Doctor

When the surgery is completed, the Host/Hostess will notify you.  At this time, you will be invited to a private Conference Room to speak with the physician. 

Step 5: Post-surgery Recovery

After speaking with the doctor, return your Conference Room card to the ACC Host/Hostess.  Family can expect that the patient may be in recovery for approximately 1 1/2 hours. The Patient Nurse Liaison can give you a more specific time frame.  Be sure to notify the Host/Hostess where you will be during this time.

Step 6: Joining Your Family Member

The Host/Hostess will inform you when the patient has returned from recovery area to his/her room.  Please return your pager before going to the patient's room.

Step 7:  Departing EMH

The nurse will inform you when the patient is ready to return home.  You will be asked to bring your vehicle to the Outpatient Discharge/Maternity Door.  The patient will be escorted to meet you there. 

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